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house decor


Moms around the world are always looking for ways to create a cozy home that all members of the family enjoy and making sure everyone looks forward to coming home and making it a place that supports success and encourages overall happiness.

Your son, daughter, and even your husband will absolutely enjoy and appreciate a comfortable living environment, so I have put together a couple of simple tips that can transform your home into something extra cosy.

Add a Little Touch of Nature

Making a house cozy

Adding plants to interior spaces can not only increase oxygen levels, they help add life to a room and make a space feel calming and homey. Aside from that, it also has the ability to reflect light and brighten up dark walls. In order for you to achieve the best possible level of cosiness using plants, place several of them on top of your decorative furnishings, in front of windows to give and outside/inside feel and in corners of the room.

Switch to Soft Lighting

Traditional lights are great for illuminating a space during nighttime, but they can be harsh on the eyes at times. However warm-toned LED lights as well as being the most efficient form of lighting also provide a cosy candle-lit glow that is enough to gently illuminate a room without making your eyes feel uncomfortable. You can switch to soft lighting by replacing the standard light bulbs.

Get a Rug

Rugs made out of wool or synthetic fibre are well known for feeling good on your feet and having an aesthetically pleasing appearance, layering them on strategic spots around your home is enough to add a nice dose of cosiness for everyone. Flat-weave and sisal rugs are popular options when the weather outside is warm. I love how you can a whole room by changing the rug.

Add Seating to a Bedroom

When a bedroom has a cosy single couch sitting on the corner, it helps give the space a lounge-like vibe that will tempt anyone to just sit and relax. Vintage leather seating and single lounge couches are both excellent choices if you want to cosy up a bedroom in your home. Because apart from being incredibly comfortable, their good-looking appearance helps change the feel in a particular space.

cosy up a house

Incorporate Fuzziness

Do you know what’s even better than fur when it comes to cosiness? Faux fur! Whether it’s a wall hanging, a throw, or a carpet, faux fur will help make your home super cosy and luxurious. What’s even better about this material is that your faux fur options are almost unlimited as you can do various things with it, like drape it over the arm of a sofa or layer several of them over a foot stool.