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kids rugs


I am a stay at home Mum that does website design and development in Wollongong as a freelancer so when choosing the decor for my children’s room, my objective is to find something that is not only value for money but cozy, durable and not much of a hassle to clean or maintain.

When navigating the world it’s only normal that kids have accidents such as crayon staining, liquid spillages, and dirt streaks. And even when it’s not playtime, there’s always a chance that a minor disaster might occur. For these reasons, their room needs a reliable rug that is simple to clean and doesn’t wear down easily from regular maintenance.

Other than that, the fact that kids normally spend a lot of time in their rooms means that the rug should be tough enough to withstand regular contact from a variety of physical activities.

So, here’s a list of cheap rugs that are the cleanest – and most durable – types of rugs that belong to a children’s room:

  • Cotton    

While synthetic materials are usually recommended for kids’ rooms due to their resistance to certain natural and unnatural conditions, some natural fibres, like cotton, are also suitable for installation in such spaces. Cotton rugs are not only durable, versatile, and naturally hypoallergenic, but they are very easy to clean as well, which can be done via washing machine or air drying. Additionally, cotton rugs are so cozy that your little ones would most likely enjoy doing their activities on top of one.

  • Acrylic
Acrylic Kids Rugs

Acrylic rugs are one of the best rug types for children’s rooms. This synthetic material boasts outstanding resistance against mould, mildew, moisture, and stains – some of which are common causes of rug deterioration in kids’ rooms. Plus, an acrylic rug has this unique ability to hold onto its colours despite wear and tear and is much more affordable compared to other rug types. When it comes to tidying it up, all you have to do is throw your acrylic rug in a washing machine and it’s ready to use again. It looks and feels cosy, too!

  • Polypropylene

Designed to resemble sisal, a polypropylene rug is a synthetic material that offers a high level of comfort and beauty to any room. Not only that, but a polypropylene rug is also extremely durable and resilient, giving it maximum tolerance against messes, scratches, extreme weather conditions, and the tests of time. Not to mention that it’s also colourfast and easy to maintain. With all of its extraordinary qualities, a polypropylene rug is definitely an excellent choice for children’s rooms. Additionally, this rug type’s durability and resilience is also the same reason why it’s a popular rug option for outdoor areas.